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How to choose the number of carats of gold

The unit of measurement to measure the purity of gold is the carat, designated by the letter "k", it therefore indicates the percentage of pure gold present in your jewelry. Thus, the higher the carat, the purer the gold.

Be careful not to confuse it with the " carat " as a unit of weight for weighing diamonds and precious stones. Although they sound exactly the same, the two words are very different.

24k gold is considered 99.9% pure gold and is the highest purity money can buy. However, it is too soft to be able to transform it into a jewel. In order to overcome this problem of rigidity, an "alloy" is added to the gold and it is composed of other metals such as zinc, copper or silver for example, in order to make the gold harder. By varying the metals that make up the alloy, we can create different colors such as yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

Why 18, 14 or 10 carats?
These numbers represent 1/24th of the total mass of an alloy. We take a base of 24 in reference to 24 carat gold which is the purest. Thus 18 carat gold means that there is 75% pure gold (18/24 x 100 = 75%). To certify and ensure the value and caratage of a gold jewel, it is essential to have a gold hallmark. We most often find the gold stamp struck on the inner or outer side of the ring of a ring. On a gold necklace, chain or bracelet, no matter what color the gold is, it is found at one end, near or on the clasp.

24 carat gold
As mentioned above, this gold titration is used more as an investment than in jewelry. Although it is the purest, it tends to spoil easily because it is softer. Thus, with 24K gold, you will have rings that will deform every time you wear them.

18 carat gold
18K gold is 75% pure gold, which is why we also call it 750/1000 gold. 18K gold is very popular for jewelry that we want to pass on. You can wear them daily, being certain that they will cross the generations like a wedding band or a engagement ring.

14 carat gold
14K gold, also called 583/1000 gold, contains 58.3% pure gold. Being composed of more alloy, 14K gold jewelry has a more affordable cost than 18K gold jewelry. However, it will be more fragile and less durable than 18K gold.

10 carat gold
10K gold or 375/1000 gold is made of an alloy that contains only 37.5% pure gold. It is therefore composed of more alloy than gold. Despite its good durability, it tends to oxidize and tarnish over time due to its low gold content.

The difference in the purity of the jewel implies a difference in price, brilliance and quality. Thus, 375/1000 gold will be less expensive than 583/1000 gold, itself less expensive than 750/1000 gold, regardless of the color of the gold. The purest and therefore the most expensive will be 24K gold.

The choice of the number of carats will therefore depend on your priorities, your use, the jewel and your budget.

Jewelry maintenance

Silver jewelry should be stored away from light, air and moisture when you are not wearing it. Try to avoid wearing your jewelry when you cook, do the dishes, play sports, go to the pool or spa. Put your jewelry on after applying lotions and perfumes as these quickly tarnish the silver and contribute to the erosion of the gold plating. Unfortunately, some people react with metals because of the pH of their skin and others don't, we can't do anything about it!

The most effective way to remove oxidation from silver jewelery is to soak it in a liquid solution designed for this. Several homemade recipes are also available online if you want to use less chemical techniques.

Ring size guide

1.    Make an appointment and come to my studio so that you can try the rings but also know your ring size to make the right choice before ordering.

2.    Go to a jewelry store.
You don't live in Montreal? I encourage you to go to any jewelry store to be able to find your finger size. You will be in front of a professional who can guide you in choosing your ring size.

3. Using an online tool

If the first two options are not possible, be aware that several sites offer printable tools to help you measure your finger or a ring you own but that this is never as precise.

Our advice for choosing your ring size:
1.     Your fingers are not the same size, nor your two hands. You must therefore be careful to make your choice based on the finger on which you want to wear the ring.
2.     Fingers tend to swell or deflate depending on heat and cold. I advise you to measure your finger size when you are neither hot nor cold.
3. It is easy for me to enlarge the ring slightly but more complicated to make it smaller so opt for the tighter option if you are hesitating between two sizes.

Septum jewelry

The septum rings I sell can be worn anywhere on the body if the dimensions are right (nose, ear, navel, etc.) but it is important to know that these cannot be opened and closed too often. Indeed, the material used (silver or gold) does not allow the jewel to be closed using the screw or clicker system found in steel or titanium piercing jewellery. The system works by twisting the jewel and this weakens the metal each time. (see the image on the back of the box provided with the jewel) You can install it yourself at home if you feel comfortable or by going to a piercing shop for a few dollars. It is important to clean the jewelry and the skin well before installing it and to make sure that your piercing is well healed. Sometimes piercers advise against silver or gold jewelry because some people are allergic to it so also make sure you have no allergy to sterling silver or gold and their alloys (copper, brass). If you see that your jewelry is oxidizing, you can use a silver jewelry cleaning cloth.

Online shopping vs meeting at the workshop

You can get my jewelry in different ways: either by making an appointment to come to my studio in Rosemont, Montreal, here on my website, or by going to certain stores who hold my jewelry. It is important to know that the best way to encourage me is to buy directly through me by paying cash or sending an e-transfer, but I completely understand if this is not possible for you :)

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